Friday, 28 September 2012


With the second leg of our venture nearly over, we took time to relax and reflect in the UK and adored all the fantastic countryside which was so quaint it seemed like it was out of a movie. Apart from being a haven for British accent lovers, London had so much to offer two young adventurers like us. Aside from it's sheer size and beauty the capital boasted photography galleries with resources and collections we'd only dreamed of.

There was so much to see in the UK outside of London too, we went south to Sailsbury (to visit a cathedral from a totally fictional series) and Stonehenge which taught us that classical English country side actually exists and is inanely gorgeous. Then we went north through Yorkshire, specifically Haworth, home of the awe-inspiring Bronte sisters where we got to visit their house and see costumes from the gorgeous Jane Eyre 2011. Further north into Scotland, where we were delighted to finally get good use out of the heavy coats we'd dragged around the world. We went castle hunting and found some serious gems including a deserted one that was in ruins but had secret rooms still intact. On the way back through Windermere and the Lakes District toward London we took the coldest boat ride of our entire lives and survived, arriving back in time to see a spectacular performance of Les Miserables at West End, the most perfect ending to our European section.

Visiting Buckingham Palace and having high tea in the gardens
We were mesmerized by the display in the Photographer's Gallery

All that was left of a castle in St. Andrews
Miles of English countryside 

You can tell a lot about a country by it's public transport

Too much England for one photo

We were welcomed to Scotland by the pouring rain and clouded skies

Branwell Bronte's original painting of his sisters, with himself painted out in the center. This was found laying in the top of an old cupboard in their house and is now on display at the National Portrait Gallery.

Through the window of a wrecked seaside castle
Beautiful winding roads on our way to the Lake District
In the Hampton Palace Court Gardens
Busy park in the center of London
Visiting Rosslyn Chapel which was spectacular and richly laced with significant historic symbolism and lots of mysteries
Opposite Stonehenge in beautiful open fields
Deserted castle gardens

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  1. Oh man another Australian who has been to St Andrews. Everytime I travel I seem to return there. Such a sweet quaint old Scottish town. I was there last weekend after a few years of not being there. How special is it!