Wednesday, 12 September 2012


How to describe Paris without delving into cliches? We're not sure it's possible. It seems to us that no matter where you're from (even far away Australia) Paris welcomes you as if you're a friend coming home.

It's like there's something in the atmosphere, something in the way the sunlight sparkles on the Seine that makes the idea of magic in the world less fantastical and more plausible. There is so much to see and do, tonnes of museums and monuments and churches and attractions outside the city too.  Art and music and carousels and the most amazing food in the entire world, legit, we've been sampling. I don't know how anything can go wrong in Paris, if you get lost you stumble across the most amazing areas, if you order the wrong food waiters come out with something equally as delicious and if you don't know what you expect you come away with your mind totally blown. 

While we've heard reports on locals being snobby we found our encounters to be darlings, sharing recipes in restaurants and helping us find our way. Our favourite experiences of the city were the stunning Versailles and Giverny, home to respectively to Marie Antoinette, French Queen of the revolution and Claude Monet: Master painter of all Impressionists. It's not surprising if you want to suddenly start humming and singing or spend time alone drinking espressos and sketching or walking in the shade on those yellow gravel dirt paths. We'll be back here again and again and again, you cannot get sick of a city so beautiful and full of art and life. 

A delightful Parisian dinner with a Tour Effiel view
Upon climbing the Effiel Tower the city seems to stretch on forever
Escaping the crowds around the lake we were drawn instead to the floral decor

Musician on the metro playing for pennies
     Gold trimming along the Palace exteriors at Versailles
You may need to wash your hands after using the metro but we are officially pros at navigating the system
Admiring the garden view from inside Versailles, would love to wake up to this
Rose bushes and Claude Monet's home
Jess outside Les Invalides after visiting Napoleons Tomb
 The most beautiful garden in the world, Claude Monet's
Oh la la

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