Saturday, 6 October 2012

new york

We had a different perspective of New York City, we stayed outside the state in Connecticut where houses are spread apart and everything is beautiful and green. The families we stayed with totally changed our perception of Americans and were the most lovely, accommodating and intelligent ladies who took every effort to help us in every way from getting to a Broadway show to needing an extra suitcase.

We went hiking in the woods in Connecticut , shopping in Soho. We stayed in a 250 year old pre-revolution house with quaint sloping ceilings and exposed wooden beams. We loved the Met's 19th Century collection more than words can express. We enjoyed dorky experiences like going to an American mall, eating huge portion burgers and attending a country town fair.

Our jaws dropped over the stores in Fifth Ave. Although we pour over fashion and adore designers, the world had seemed somewhat untouchable to us. To actually see whole four level stores dedicated to our favorite fashion houses and be inside and touching the fabrics and staring at the mannequins, even though it might sound materialistic was it was one of the most gob smacking, surreal experiences. The city itself impressed us beyond our expectations, and we will no doubt be returning soon.

Flying into New York at the time when the city looks the best
Apparently the buildings are competing with the Tower of PisaBeing wowed by Times Square
Watching the automotive sail boats in Central Park
The Empire State from Top of the Rock
Connecticut lakeside
Having fun burying ourselves in the city crowds
Among deer, we saw squirrels, chipmunks and coyotes.
Bekha imprinting herself on the city
The largest national park in Connecticut

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