Tuesday, 21 August 2012


We stepped out onto our Venetian balcony for the first time, looked down and gasped. The water was crystal and a gondala driver passing beneath us yelled up for us to jump in. It was such a beautiful city and was our place to kick back and relax for a few days in an amazing 16th century castle.

t’s taken us 7 days in Italy but we’ve finally mastered prego, scusi,
 grazia (& gratzie), quanta costa and aqua. The streets of Venice ended up being so easy to navigate and we felt like locals by the time we reluctantly left. 

 Arriving in Venice
On our way to our favourite Pizzeria for dinner
Crowds sitting on stairs after being shooed away from restaurant tables
 When in Venice
Invoking the right of 'tourists'

 St. Marco's Square
Bekha on her 21st birthday
Venice from the water
 Jess watching the water from our casa
Rasberries from the fruit market that we will never forget
Venetian lace stand, so amazing

The water bus stop
Cooling down in the 33 degree heat

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