Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Bekha had read a fictional book that claimed Budapest as the most beautiful city in the world to live in. That's how it ended up as a stop on our trip with the help of a pop video clip that was set here. We'll admit, when we first drove in we had our doubts. Thanks to scungy streets and less than accommodating accommodation we began to wonder if it had been wise to make such a whim decision. Eager to get on our feet anyway, we did a zip around the city where we began to see elements of monuments and bridges that showed how beautiful it really was. But it wasn't until we got on a night time boat cruise down the Danube river that we eventually conceded and decided that yes, this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to live in, study or visit. With a fascinating history and killer views, it is definitely worth a stop on your next globe trotting adventure.

Climbing through public bushes to capture the view
The Chain Bridge, built in the 19th century 
Streets lined with gorgeous lanterns
 Magnificent panorama of the city from a hillside vantage point
 We have had some delicious smoothies on this trip, but this one tops them all
Refreshing dinner for hot nights
 We're renaming Budapest as 'The City of Lights' 
The Parliament building in Budapest
View outside the Matthias Church
 We have a thing for photographing street musicians
 Jess's favourite 'indie' church (Matthias)
I don't think gelato gets any better looking

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  1. this whole blog is so beautiful that i want to cry!