Thursday, 16 August 2012


To start our Italian road trip we drove south of Milan, stopping in some small towns on our way to Rome.  Azzero was beautifully authentic with historical buildings and cathedrals down every street so we stretched our legs by wandering the narrow streets and eating raviolli at an adorable restaurant.

We reached Rome by nine pm, it was getting dark so we were able to see the glowing city lights. We stayed on a hilltop town outside of Rome so we took a train back in the next day and with the help of friendly Italians caught a bus to the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon. We caught a lift with an informative taxi driver to the catacombs where we saw tombs and ancient engravings underground and walked down the Appian Way, a 2000 year old road. Then we took the metro to the the ruins of the Roman Forum, it started to pour down while we were there so we got soaking wet but it was wonderful because the air was still scorching hot. We sheltered in a bus and rode around the city to find an Italian restaurant. After ward we went to see the Spanish Steps and found that there was an amazing classical opera concert on, the perfect fluke ending to our time in Rome. 

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