Saturday, 27 October 2012


After our big adventure gallivanting around Europe, Russia and America, the Gold Coast seemed smaller than ever. So after a big month and shooting for a swimwear label, we hit the road and went on an epic road trip from our sunny home to cold, shivery Melbourne. We saw stayed in Port Macquarie and Canberra overnight and went sightseeing. Our CD collection was the mix of brand new and old classic tunes that kept us singing while our hair was flying.

We're so excited to be living in Melbourne for the next couple of months. The big opportunities in the cultural city and lots of wonderful people to meet up with and photos to take. We'll be moving between the Gold Coast and Sydney a lot as well, for dates get in contact with us by email
The open road
Continuous roadworks
 Coffs Harbour
Watching out for wildlife
Roadside revival
Highway in NSW

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