Monday, 23 July 2012


Last week we sat down and tried to video blog but faced with empty batteries and lagging webcams we were unsuccessful in our endeavor. Since then we have been shooting every day and are running out of time to announce our important message. 

We wanted to break the news as an announcement, so here goes... We’re going to Europe!! Yes, the Ivy Nine World Tour is officially happening so get excited. 

Photo from day 110 of Jess's 365 photo challenge

We are so super excited, we’re going to be travelling not only around Europe but also the UK and USA and are looking forward to taking a million photos. We’re going to Venice, St Petersburg, Berlin, Budapest, Rome, Los Angeles, Moscow, as well as all the Fashion Capitals of the world, New York, London, Paris and Milan! We’ll be there from the 9th August until September the 26th, we’ve just booked our flights. 

The Trevi Fountain taken by Bekha on her trip in 2010

We're sure that we're going to take so many photos that it will feel like you’re there with us! We’ll be blogging while we're over there and of course there will be pictures uploaded daily (or as often as possible) to Jess’s 365 daily photo challenge on Facebook. 

Travelling items, also from Jess's 365 photo a day challenge

We are looking to organize some shoots while overseas as well, so if you know anyone over there that might like to be involved then please get them to email us ( or get in touch another way. We’d be delighted to meet as many new people as possible. 

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